Let's talk about Kriztle .

Kriztle is a brand that has a strong and reliable record of delivering supreme quality Nature sourced packaged drinking Water, Fruit Squashes, and other FMCGs. The brand is powered by Shan International, which provides supreme importance to our customer requirements. The innovations that we have implemented in every aspect, right from sourcing and purifying to delivery are great proof of responsibility that we display always.

We stay close to nature always and concurrently we adopt the most modern technological factors to satisfy the changing needs of our customers in the healthiest way.

Sourced From the Meadow of Nature .

Our Products .

Occasions may vary, however, Kriztle Mineral water decorates every situation. We offer a bouquet of products for our customers. Safe and superior plastic is stringently used for bottle manufacturing.

By choosing us, it is definite that you never have to worry things matters quality, it is our assurance. Our Elegant designs will make your occasions pure, classy, and luxurious. Get the feel of nature and let us take your events to the next level.

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Our Vision

To provide a premium drinking experience to all, setting new standards of excellence in the beverage industry through our commitment to quality, purity, and innovation.


Our Mission

Ensuring a quality & healthy lifestyle to people by providing the best drinks in the most innovative manner with updated technology & fast delivery